Friday, May 18, 2012


People sometime question me...
Why i'm sngle How long i have and.
I want to be single In relationship..

And why i choose to be single for quiet a long time..
To get the anwswer,
dun ask me
But ask my friends who had involved in relationship
I dun mean to put blame on other people
But they are given me the best examples (perhaps)

For me to say to be single..
I have gone thru the so much situations like this
Which is i call sebelum n selepas...

Ko jgn mbimbang edy, walaupun aku dh couple nnt,
Aku xkan lupakan ko...
Ko lah kwn setia aku blablabla..

24/7 my lover is itu ini blablabla...
She/he's the best, Sweet cute watsover...

Going to somewhere with me,
spending more time with me,
doing many things with me even crazy things..

But then SELEPAS
Used to spend much time with ur lovers,
tambah2 when In early period of get in relationship...

Takpe kita still leh jadi kawan baek lepas aku couple
Jgn bimbang aku xkan lupa kan ko kawan aku susah senang


Iwont get mad when u r in relationship
In fact, i understands u more
But then do be mad when i
try to get Away slowly because
i dun want myself To get hurt...

 Selamat hari jumaat semua!

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