Friday, March 11, 2011


today, dis post is all about foods.
yup. foods.
which is i'm sooo into it lately.

ok ni i have prob to remember apa nama makanan ni. tp it's like mee sizzling tak silap.
ok dis pic shows dat the food it's soo Melayu. aku makan ni kt Alor Star sbb dh lama duk makan lauk K.L je. murah & sedap!.

dis is one of my fav foods. spaghetti marinara (contains seafoodlah!)

Krispy Kreme - Times Square. time ni lepak dgn my bestfriend!
home-made breakfast! garlic butter bread with baked beans n sausages. prepared for my lil sister. :)
ok next post will be about the home-made cook. hihi

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