Saturday, March 7, 2009


tgh surf tenet smbil buat assignment, tetiber aku terjumpa satu page neh..

bestla plak.. sweet jer.. jom tgk...

seems like the picture are not very clear biler dibesarkan.. ooopss.. xperla... hehe.. lyn bawah nie..


Ya Allah!Please forgive me forthe wrong i have done
Ya Allah!Give me another chanceto prove that i can passPlease guide and protect mealong the straight path and I know if i make it one day i will be Heaven with YouYa Allah!Please forgive me for the wrong i've done
Ya Allah!

Sanah, Ikrah and Allena (Alloa)


Once there was a boy who wanted to study. His mum sewn the money on his jacket so we will not lose the money and his mother told him not to ever lie. So he set of to his new madrassa but soon he met 3 bandits
They asked, "Have you got any money?" The boy replied, "Yes."
They searched him but they could not find the money .They searched two more times but they still could not find the money. So they took him to their boss.
They said, "He says that he has got money but we can not find the money."
The boss searched every where for the forth time. They said show me the money son. So the boy opened his jacket and showed the money.
The boss asked, "Why did you told the truth, you could off escaped?"
The boy said, "My mum said that never lie!"
The boss thought about it and the boss also changed his life.

by :
Hamzah - 8 - Alloa

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